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"Chris moved me to my new home and I was very impressed with how professional all his employees are from scheduling, the care in packing boxes, loading trailer and unliading. They are very pet friendly and hard working people."  Celeste Feb 6, 2015

"Above And beyond service. I have now used Chris and his team 3 times and they have exceeded my expectations every time. They arrive on time, ready to work and were even able to move my stand up tanning bed twice, which was nothing short of a miracle considering it is huge and not easily moved. Thanks for always providing awesome service texas elite!" Jelaine Feb 4, 2015

"Texas Elite was wonderful and friendly! They were accommodating on the time slots especially with how the weather went this weekend. It was my first time using movers and the stressful part is finding honest people who don't/won't overcharge you. They were not only on time, but early and they do call you 30 mins prior to arrival so you're not waiting, which really helped! Their friendliness and willingness to explain when I didn't understand something made me feel less stressed. Also understanding I was working with a budget, they finished right within the 2 hour window. Only tiny issue: I found small scratches on the bedframe as I put it together that weren't there before; other than that, overall they did an amazing job!! Thank you Texas Elite!"  Susan Jan 12, 2015

"Great people, on time, careful and quick. Great job." Beatriz Dec 19, 2014

"Best moving experience ever!"  Michelle Dec 10, 2014

"The crew showed up on time. Got the job done fast."  Monika Nov 26, 2014

"Chris does it ALL. The owner of the storage facility in Wimberley where I had been storing all my furniture recommended Little Guys Movers in San Marcos. I was moving into a small 565 sq ft condo in north Austin and would be taking only some of my furniture. They quoted me about $895. I decided to get a second opinion and happened on this website (Thank you Lord). I had no idea how many options I had until I started getting non stop calls from movers with all kinds of prices and details...like how many guys, whether they had their own truck or would be renting a uhaul, availability, etc. Some had a wide open schedule and even though I thought I wanted it done right away, I wondered why they had so few other jobs if they were that good. I was also wondering what I would do about everything being covered with that dust and grime after 2 1/2 yrs. That's when Shane called from Tx Elite Movers. She took charge of the entire situation...she knows exactly what to do and she explains exactly what will happen and when, plus she and Chris are such nice people...very honest and they are into what they are doing. They are professionals, not people who move furniture to make some money. This is what they do. I already liked her but when I ran it by her about the dust she was immediately all over that, explaining it was not a problem for them bc they also do make ready cleaning so she would just put a cleaning kit in the truck and the guys would wipe down the furniture before they loaded it...no extra charge...they would do it as part of their service. Chris even brought an extra man who had been with him on the job before mine...no extra charge so there were three instead of two. The two men with him also knew what they were doing and were thoroughly enjoying being there with Chris. I've had movers who, number one, didn't know what they were doing, number two, weren't that happy to be doing it, plus I would end up paying more than we had agreed on. When Chris showed me the bill I was surprised, but in a good way. He only charged me $288. Even though I didn't have that many pieces, my furniture was BIG and some very heavy, but again, that was no problem for them. When Chris discovered they had forgotten my bed rails he took his men home, went back to storage, got them and came back with Shane ( his wife) and they assembled my bed. I gave them keys to my storage and to my condo because I hadn't moved in yet and needed to be somewhere. I would hire them again in a minute. In fact I just did hire them to move my RV into storage. I'll let you know how that goes after tomorrow."  Tricia Nov 22, 2014

"These guys work really hard, and took very good care of my things during my move. I would highly recommend them. My mistake was that I didn't request enough people to help and it took longer than I thought it would. They were nice, paid attention to detail, and everything got moved without a scratch. Thanks Elite!"  Sandra Oct 16, 2014